Commercial tunnel for kids

The good thing when you travel abroad, especially in so-called marketingly developed countries, is that you get to benchmark other habits and rules than the ones you know at home.
The good ones, and the bad ones!


The main French regulation that I had to regret during my stay in Canada, is the one that limits the number of commercials during TV programs....
As my kids got hooked on the French-speaking and English-speaking TV channels for children, I was just astonished by the number of ads showing in between cartoons !!


I could just not make the difference between the commercials, the commercials for the programs and the programs themselves!
Not mentioning Superchat and Elastigirl , who got obsessed with the latest Star Wars helmet and Nestlé ice-cream!

I found myself thanking God and the French law that limits ads on French TV, especially round kids, and reminds them to eat “5 fruits et legumes par jour” ! (remember that story?)

But when it comes to creativity and finding good tricks to lure parents and kids together around the same products, anglo-saxons creators get be really good. And the best came with ..a diaper ad !!

Huggies Pull-Ups - Big Kid at Sundown

It is funny for the parents, and so different from the usual “probably the best absorption around town !”
And it is really attractive for kids, who want to be like the real super-hero and the real princess (yes there is also a girl version), especially at this “potty-training-age”.

The result probably, in the diaper aisle of the Walmart, is that the kids themselves will ask Mum for the “Cow-boy or Princess Diaper”.

And that is sure good marketing !

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