Amazing pack design

Thanks to Twinfish and most of all Amanda's blog, I've just found a few amazing pack designs, just made for you to love, and enjoy, and ...buy!

Here a few of my favorites :

Category "less is more"


pack lait.jpg



pack vegetables.jpg
pack salt & pepper.jpg

pack olive oil.jpg

Category "Text is the best" (so Monoprix did not invent anything , did they?)

pack text is more.jpg
pack text is more 2.jpg
pack sal & vinegar.jpg

Category "Humour always does it"

pack lash curver.jpg
pack condom one.jpg
pack condom 2.jpg

Category "so romantic"

pack dark chocolate liberty 2.jpg
pack orange jam.jpg


Category "this is an evidence"

pack fruit juice.jpg
pack banana juice.jpg











Special price of my personal jury

pack king of pop.jpg
So much for "iconic" design....

P.S : this reminds me of another example of simple, yet fun and efficient design : the Orlait milkpack by Caracas, that won a well deserved price !

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