Beautiful partner

As the Olympic Games are about to close, I would like to share with you one of the most beautiful ads I got to see during my stay in Canada, from a sponsor of course !

You can see it on Bell’s website here.


This was one of far too many commercials broadcasted on Canadian TV during the opening ceremony (4 spots every five minutes !!!) for the VERY numerous sponsors.

All the ads showed athletes in action and boasted about how supportive the sponsor was to the National Olympic Team, which got on our nerves pretty quickly..(but Vancouver will host the 2010 Winter Olumpic games, so I can understand it is an important subbject for the country)

Yet this particular one caught our attention …thanks to beautiful images and magnificent editing.

Which means that, when you want your message to stand out in the middle of the crowd (like an important marketing event where every other brand will have the same background as yours) you need a real great execution !

P.S : it this a coincidence that the ad is for a internet/mobile phone operator promoting content on its various media .. ?

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