Make my job search easier !

logo linkedin.pngIn the digital word we now live in, when you browse recruiting or companies' website, it is sometimes quite a hassle to repeat in each new form the details of your resumé.. and you wonder : why can't I just copy/paste my existing document and it would just automatically fill the right place and tick the right box?


Well thanks to the Wall Street Journal, I have just found that LinkedIn will make my life easier!

"Job seekers applying with Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and United Airlines will soon see that they can use their LinkedIn information to fill out job applications. Applicants already have the option of auto-filling information from the Taleo "Universal Profile" service. Users will still be able to manually fill in their data, or upload their resumes on Taleo-powered sites."

Thanks ! It will be faster and lighter to apply ; but beware standardization !

We jobseekers should not forget to adapt to each companies. As in marketing, you need to adapt your positionning, promise and message, to convince your target.

Or you may miss the point..

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