Retaliation Marketing : Wikileaks vs Mastercard!

I did like a lot the original Mastercard advertising campaign, compairing the price of usual purchase to the "priceless" quality of the emotions and memories some of those purchases can provide us with.

However I did not know that Mastercard had blocked the donations to Wikileaks that used to be possible through its payment system (following pressures from the US?) Plus, they were not the only ones..

And I just love the way Julian Assange retaliates, thanks to this great parody of the Mastercard commercial.

A good David vs Goliath example, yet know David has the power of the Net to help spreads his message, and is much more powerful!

Thanks cread :)

P.S : This is not the first Parody of the Mastercard commercial, there have been many more ..but I doubt they like this new one.

PPS : You may also like the parody of the VW "stars wars" commercial by Greenpeace..:)

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