What CEO's need to know about design

Whether product design, website design, advert design or logo design, I have written many times here about my beliefs about Design,

  • the fact that Design is much more than just drawings, but also a belief and a state of mind
  • the fact that it focuses on the customer/user/reader's needs and benefits, rather than just the technical solution
  • or that its use and implementation must be carried out directly from the top of the company (i.e management) to be really efficient and profuse through all activities of the firm.

Thanks to OVA design, I have found just yet the slideshow that carries that very same message and describes the 10 things CEO need to know  about design.

Summary is just right there ...

10 things CEO need to know about design .jpg

And full show right here :


I wish I could listen to Jason Putorti's full presentation , but as it is, it suits me already...


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