Design on Earth and Heaven

For once this note will be in english, as the sources of information came from abroad (but whether in french or in english, when you have a crush on a design proposal, it is worth sharing !)

medium_arrosoir_OXO.2.jpgMy first crush is for a very simple, down-to-earth object, showcased in the special Issue of TIME magazine for summer 2007 . This special edition of TIME STYLE AND DESIGN is proud to present THE DESIGN 100, and is merely a list of names and nice “hype” pictures. Henri also read it and was quite disappointed.
But where he was attracted to a sofa that allows you to lay on the floor rather than sit if your are willing to, my eye was caught by the Watering Can from Oxo.
Nicely named “Pour and Store”, it will prevent spills and most of all save space thanks to a simple, evident, why-didn’t-they-think-about-this-before, rotating spout.medium_arrosoir_OXO_ferme.2.jpg

So simple and ingenious I want it in my home ! (maybe it will help me think more often about watering my plants)

medium_panton_1jp.JPGThe second crush is of a different kind and was brought to me through the Design Within Reach blog , who got it themselves from Uberstyle . This blog hightlighted a most amazing church in the Czech Republic, where designers Maxim Velcovsky and Jakub Berdych cut crosses out of the white Panton chairs' backs !


As DWR says, this is “elevating an already worshipped design to, heavenly levels” !

It is beautiful , humoristic, and proves that design –or style more likely in this case- can find its place anywhere !

P.S : A little addition to this note on 18th, june : The panton chair is also invading the Women's magazine ! A very good operation by Vitra to get themselves officially known (as editors) by ladies interested in design, and most of all to gather a wonderful opt-in database...

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