Would-be advertising ?

Thanks to the blog of Brand-development team, I can share with you the Ikea TV-web-to-be-buzzed advert

As Philip says..a little short of brilliant !

Components of the success?

  1. A tune that wriggles your mind for many hours after hearing it
  2. An extremely clever filming and editing
  3. Humour and wit
  4. Nothing tells you it's an advert... and yet so many people and sites talk about it that everybody knows now it's an IKEA ad!

In this case, like M. Cherifi-Buzzman was explaining  during the Nuit du marketing (and as he did for the Tipp-ex ad), most of the budget was used for the realisation of the film , and very little on the media space purchase ...because people and on-lookers did the media spread themselves!

Yes dear, I found my kitchen through the grapevine ...:)

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