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Et certains en débattent !

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What is design ?

52d6d76e7ec2404b8b5291f0ce68d527.pngIf you follow this blog and many others about Design, you may have noticed that the disciplin is actually hard to describe or explain ..

Yet I have found, thanks to Marco and Design Emotion , two nice definitions .. :

Erick Waldman - interaction designer @ Teague, suggests that a designer is a “visual translator”. "Design is visual translation. The difference in successfully communicating a message or conveying an idea is how well that message or idea is translated." You can read the rest here.

And Josh Maruski - principal design scientist @ Teague explains what differentiates Art and Design
"With each new project comes the unique challenge of trying to connect with an end user, trying to get inside the head of that person as they walk into a store and imagine themselves with this product that I’m currently imagining. Designers have to reach outside themselves to make that true connection. Great designers don’t design for themselves they design for others. It’s exactly this aspect of what we do that separates us from artists and turns our art into design." Read his column for more .

I really like both of them, especially what Erick says "For consumers, ‘easy to use’ is no longer enough; ‘pleasing to use’ is becoming the key differentiator in a crowded product space. We’re not designing products for consumers or market segments but for people, and our efforts should take that into consideration !"

Enjoy ...

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