Your mail box is over its size limit

1191943194.jpgYou know that syndrom already of course..

The one that attacks you systematically after 2 days of full-time meetings and 1 day out of office

The one that attacks your mail box very 3 mail, when your waiting list is clogged with dozens and dozens of unread messages

The one that especially attacks marketing people, who receive far-too-many more-than-one-mega messages (thanks to all those nasty pictures and PDF attachments they receive from the advertising agencies or creative teams)
But of course the IT people who set the 100K limit to your mail box do not give a damn about how important those "enormous" messages are to your daily work.

I suffer very much of the syndrom these last days...without any real hope of seeing it reduced in the next months; I will still lack time to read my messages, AND do the important presentation for the important meeting, AND analyse sales and market, AND meet with the team to deal with the daily emergencies :)

But I cannot say "my workload box is over its size limit" to answer every legitimate or illegitimate demands of my team members, or whenever the extra-urgent demand comes from Boss or Big Boss.

And I cannot say "my stress box is over its size limit", when I chose to apply for an executive marketing job with large interesting projects, that I like very much, and fought for during many months.

34222453.jpgBut sometimes I wish I could 1647455803.gif

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