Excel for fun

Thanks to Long-Tail-Chris Anderson's magazine, the famous WIRED, I learned this summer in the August issue on how I could have become internet famous, like Julia Allison, or how War Games became the nerds' cult movie.

and also I discovered another how-to-do-something-fun-yet-stupid website, with graphjam.com.

The original purpose of this site is to explain pop culture through perverted "infographics".

So you get "funtastic" graphs like those, on the Doors, Marvin Gaye or other rock song possibilities




But when other players come into the game and start having fun with Excel's possibilities on other issues, you get to understand better what happens within your own family,

or in the office life

or who gets to be screwed when there is a major financial crisis.

As WIRED says, Graphjam gives you newfound respect for the awesome power of EXCEL !

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